The work by C. Poget analyses how parallel imports of pharmaceuticals are affecting end consumer prices and drug expenditures in three Scandinavian countries, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Based on his observations he derives proposals for policy reforms in EU member countries and Switzerland.


2016-12-01 · The Commission has consistently found pharmaceutical companies to have infringed competition law by preventing parallel trade. The Court of Justice of the EU (“CJEU”) has on occasion taken a more nuanced approach, which seeks to balance the competing interests of the pharmaceutical sector and national health systems.

Parallel import of pharmaceuticals has taken place in Denmark and the rest of the EU since the 1970s. In 2018, parallel imports accounted for 14% of turnover in the Danish market for medicinal products. Parallel-imported pharmaceuticals are original pharmaceuticals imported from another EU/EEA Parallel importing of pharmaceuticals reduces price of pharmaceuticals by introducing competition; TRIPS agreement in Article 6 states that this practice cannot be challenged under the WTO dispute settlement system and so is effectively a matter of national discretion. The commercial rationale underlying parallel trade is the ability to buy goods in one EU Member State at a relatively low price and subsequently to resell them in another Member State where the price is higher. In the case of pharmaceuticals, this is incentivised by the considerable variations in drug prices between EU/EEA Member States.

Parallel imports pharmaceuticals

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First, there is a tension between two major public-policy objectives: innovation and development of new drugs, on the one hand, and short-run cost-containment Pharmaceutical imports into Turkey are regulated under the Pharmaceutical and Medical Preparations Law numbered 1262 (Law numbered 1262), while parallel imports and the exhaustion of rights principle are regulated by the Decree Law on the Protection of Trade … Parallel import is based on the principle of free movement of goods between the EU/EEA countries. Parallel import of pharmaceuticals is when original medicine is imported from another EU/EEA country and sold in Denmark on par with the original manufacturer’s Danish packaging. pharmaceuticals across the EU. These differences create business opportunities for parallel importers who can buy the drugs in those countries where they are cheaper and import them in the more expensive ones, thereby obtaining a lucrative margin. The packaging and labelling of pharmaceuticals is highly regulated both at EU and member 2014-03-21 Downloadable! This paper studies the effects of price regulation and parallel imports in the on-patent pharmaceutical market.

- The parallel-imported product must be imported from an EU Member State or an EEA • Parallel imports in pharmaceuticals: implications for competition and prices in developing countries, final report to world intellectual property organization by Keith E Maskus.

Downloadable! This paper studies the effects of price regulation and parallel imports in the on-patent pharmaceutical market. First, we develop a theory model in which a pharmacy negotiates producer prices with a brand-name firm and then sets retail prices. We show that the effects of price regulation crucially depend on whether the producer faces competition from parallel imports.

While the medicines sales in the EU have been rapidly growing over the last decade, reaching €189 billion in 2018, the turnover of EU parallel imports has remained stable in the same period around €5.5 billion.In 2018, the sales of parallel imports only represented about 2.9% of the total sales of pharmaceuticals in Europe.. The origin of the parallel imports is quite distributed among the Parallel imports would no longer be “easily and swiftly” imported into the UK if it leaves the single market, AAH Pharmaceuticals group managing director Mark James has warned that pharmacists could face growing pressure to restrict the trade in medicines. 27/10/2010 0. 2020-08-17 Australia have also reconsidered or revised their policies, and parallel imports into developing countries is an increasingly contentious trade issue.

Parallel imports pharmaceuticals

HPRA Guide to Parallel Imports of Human Medicines AUT-G0006-13 5/35 1 SCOPE This guide applies to nationally-authorised products which are parallel-imported from another EU Member State or another EEA country and distributed on the Irish market. In order to legally place such a product on the Irish market a parallel import licence is required

on public procurement, proposals on pricing and availability of pharmaceuticals and the LIF Calls for Review of Parallel-import Clauses in Side Agreements  It is incomprehensible that the total costs for pharmaceuticals today are below Parallel imported pharmaceuticals into Sweden Pharmacy purchasing prices  EBB Invest, a Swedish pharmaceutical company, was established in southern quality parallel imported/distributed prescription drugs at competitive prices. The proportion of parallel imported medicines (pharmacy purchasing price) total human market and generics, DDD Parallel imported pharmaceuticals into  2017-06-19, EQL Pharma AB, Alexander Brising, Business Development Director, Ja 2016-11-21, EQL Pharma AB, Joakim Larsson, Manager Parallel Import  In March 2019, Moberg Pharma divested the entire OTC business may lead to an increase in parallel imports, meaning that the Company's  Kosei Pharma UK Ltd, Berks,United Kingdom.

In each case, the impetus for congressional action came from public pressures to step up imports from Canada, where regulations and price controls have generated prices for prescription drugs significantly lower than those across the border.3 Price Regulation and Parallel Imports of Pharmaceuticals Kurt R. Brekkey Tor Helge Holmåsz Odd Rune Straumex October 2014 Abstract This paper studies the e⁄ects of price regulation and parallel imports in the on-patent pharmaceutical market. In a theory model where the producer price is subject The term ‘parallel import’ implies that a medicinal product, for which the Danish Medicines Agency has already granted a marketing authorisation, is imported into Denmark through other distribution channels than the ones agreed with the patent holder. Foreign as well as Danish medicinal products may be imported in parallel.
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Parallel import is the instrument by which every patient, pharmacy, healthcare facility, distributor or public insurance fund can feel the  6 Apr 2020 Parallel importation is the importation from an EU Member State or a country within the European Economic Area of a medicinal product, which  This chapter considers, with a particular focus on the pharmaceutical industry, how multinational manufacturers can deal with the challenges posed by the  Pharmaceuticals authorized under Previous Law in the EU-Accession Countries 16 COM(2003) 839 final “Commission Communication on parallel import of  Parallel import. Publication of parallel imports. As of July 2013 all valid parallel imports licensed by the Federal Office for Safety in Healthcare ARGE-Pharma the latest case concerning parallel trading (aka grey imports).

The analysis is presented mainly in the form of accessibility to drugs in the pro- parallel import countries – the developing economies. Policy Implications.
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pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices industry. We also act for reimbursement, generic substitution, parallel imports, marketing, branding and 

Acting for a  Research Handbook on Intellectual Property Exhaustion and Parallel Imports. Calboli Pharmaceutical Innovation, Competition and Patent Law: A Trilateral  International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA). Artikelinformation. Kategorier:Akronym. Överst på sidan  Product Name, Pharmaceutical Form, Strength, Active Substance, Approval Date Dasatinib "Pharmascience", filmovertrukne tabletter;, 100 mg, Dasatinib  uppmanat apoteken att undvika parallelimport av samma läkemedel.